Saturday, 27 September 2008

On A Knotty Silk Scarf

Clothing certainly can set the mood for your entire lifetime to look the best that you can imagine yourself to appear, and when you have all the means to get what you need, perhaps you can finish off your intentions with a knotty silk scarf of your very own. There are many ways to get these items for yourself, such as going through the local phone directory, or perhaps even going to a local garment retailer, especially if you know that they happen to have those items in stock or even on sale.Sales can be your best friend when it comes to finding the scarf of your dreams, but they can also lead to a competitive race for the better quality sale items between shoppers, and make a person refuse to give in to the rat race that will push one to be volatile to get the better bargain.There are many times that it can seem like it will never happen this way, but chances are that if one person knows of the deal, than many others that will come to the realization around the same time that you do.Some people are rabid when it comes to sales that are merely lasting for a short time period, and pushiness is not wholly uncommon among the more unscrupulous consumers out there, even those people that might seem pleasant to be around can be utterly possessed when a good bargain is at stake. However, you do not need to push yourself to these extremes as a shopper, with the access to many deals that occur sporadically that may not even include silk scarves at all.There are many alternate ways to go about getting those items that you would want to buy, one of the most important is the utilization of the Internet, and this time we live in allows us to access a variety of more direct links to distributors and manufacturers in all. By typing keywords that will relate to your topic of interest into one of the many reliable search engines out there, you can quickly find the way to your chosen destination of necessity, and you won't have wade through people.However, that may be one of the drawbacks to using the Internet to directly access a manufacturers website, and you may not find the item for a better price than the originally charged sum of money that may seem to strike you as being too much for your budgetary constraints.There are even many alternatives to doing this even, such as going to one of the many reliable auction websites that will have many items up for bidding, and their prices can be much lower than you might expect.So there you have what may seem to be one of the better paths to getting that knotty silk scarf that you may have had your eyes on, no matter what you may have in mind for the color, or what the price may at first seem to be. There are always bargains to be had, and if all else fails, but you have seen the scarf that you would prefer to take home with you, then perhaps the fine art of haggling a better price out of a merchant may your best option to getting the garment that you desire.

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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Women! Get Your Man a Silk Scarf

When it comes to making a fashion statement or accessorizing a special outfit, the one item that everybody wants (and should) have in their wardrobe is a scarf. Even men! Imagine your man in his suit wearing a gorgeous, masculine silk scarf.
A patterned and designed scarf can add a sensational (manly) look... making even the plainest suit look fantastic. Remember, scarves are not only women, but are becoming much more popular for men also. Although there are many different types of fabrics used in the making of scarves for men... silk and pashmina are currently the most popular. But, many men also like the fleece and woolen scarves. For extra softness, the pashmina and silk are preferred.
Reversible scarves or dual color scarves are another major favorite among men. Reversible scarves are those that contain two different colors on either side of the scarf. Most often, both these colors are complimentary and are designed with different combinations. While some contain a plain design on the front and a patterned shade on the back, others are designed with two entirely different forms of fabric.
Men's scarves are slightly different from those of women. Most men prefer scarves that are solid and have straight edges. The most classical example (and best seller) of a men's scarf is the Classic Aviator scarf. This white silk aviator scarf (think the Red Baron in his bi-wing airplane), is double layered silk with straight edges and no tassles. However, there are also scarves for men you prefer tassles. White is a good color to go with almost any color and style of clothes he may be wearing.
It doesn't matter whether the silk scarves are colored or have a pattern or a design on them. The important part is to wear them in such a way they match correctly with the rest of their suits and clothing.
There are unlimited ways of creating a fashion statement among men using silk scarfs. When you go out to buy a men's scarf, make sure you remember to select one that has subtle colors rather then opting for a scarf that to bold in color. Scarves with darker colors are usually a safe bet with coat or the jacket worn in the colors of tan, beige or caramel brown.
Quality, price and satisfaction is what the website is all about. They've sold many thousands of scarves and shawls in silk, pashmina, cashmere, fleece, wool and other fabrics and styles to thousands of satisfied customers world wide.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Silk Scarf Bondage, Yes Eva Longoria Love It

The 'Desperate Housewives' beauty - who is engaged to basketball star Tony Parker - enjoys being dominated in the bedroom.
She revealed to Live magazine's Louise Gannon: "I'm not averse to being tied up in silk scarves. I like a man to take charge. There's something very silk scarf bondage sexy about being submissive."
The 32-year-old actress also revealed she regularly has Brazilian bikini waxes because she only ever wears G-Strings.
She added: "Every girl should have a Brazilian wax. It's my silk scarf bondage sexy secret. And I only ever wear thongs. I don't own a pair of knickers with a proper back to them."
Although Eva is seven years older then her fiancé, she claims she prefers older men.
She revealed: "I like a man with maturity. Wisdom and experience are very silk scarf bondage sexy to a woman."
Eva also hates men being obvious when they flirt with her.
She said: "There is such a thing as a bad chat-up line - and they've all been tried out on me. The least silk scarf bondage sexy thing a man can do is whistle at a girl in the street or cat call at them.
"It's so silk scarf bondage unsexy, so uncool. If I see any builders working in a street I'll turn right round and walk in a different direction. I hate all that shouting and whistling."

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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Silk Scarf is Accessories For Beginner "Scarf Bondage"

I recently had the pleasure of tracking down Mr. Bond Dave at Fetishcon in Tampa, to talk to him about his ongoing mission to educate everyday people about the sensual art of scarf bondage. According to Bond Dave, this soft and less threatening form of bondage is perfect for beginners. Not only does it implement items most women already have around the house, it's also easier to explain a suitcase full of silk fabrics over explaining a suitcase full of chains, handcuffs and rope at the airport. Bond Dave gave me some practical advice to consider at the con, so I decided to pass it on to all of you lovely readers out there.
1. Know your partner.
It is important to be comfortable with your partner, and for the person who is doing the tying to know the recipient's limits. This should be fun and sexy, not uncomfortable and chafing.
2. Pick fabrics carefully.
There are a lot of factors to consider when picking fabrics. Silk works best in warmer climates, while wool and cotton are perfect for a cold winter's night. Of course, whatever feels best on your skin is what you should ultimately pick. And, Bond Dave says thicker silk squares work better than the gauzy silk, which may bite into skin. Also, depending on the material, scarves can be sultry or cuddly. They are easy to buy, and you won't have to hide them if your mother comes to visit.
3. If you're going to play with gags or inserting anything into the recipient's mouth, be careful.
Don't let anything dangle into the recipient's throat, watch for signs of discomfort and make sure their gag reflex isn't triggered. And, if you're on the receiving side, don't be afraid to show your partner something's gone wrong. This harkens back to the principle of having fun.
4. Be cautious of tying anything around the neck area.
The neck is sensitive, and a lot of problems can occur from anything being tied around it too tightly. It's much better to drape fabrics loosely over this area or feather it with kisses or tickles than risk hurting the one you love.
5. There is nothing wrong or abnormal about adding a bit of spice to your life.
While more hardcore adventurers may opt for ropes or cuffs, scarves are perfect for those who want a sensory experience without pain or degradation. Because of the stigma associated with bondage, many women take pause to join the scene. Scarf bondage is the perfect way to dabble without jumping in head-first.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Perfect Silk Scarves To Wear At the Office - For Women AND Men!

When it comes to accessories, silk scarves are one item that can add spice and beauty to even a very plain attire or a conservative business suit... for men and women! There are wide varieties of scarves available in the market such as Pashmina, cashmere, silk and fleece. Among these, silk is mostly preferred as the fiber of choice.

Why? It gives scarves and shawls a smooth texture and elegant, expensive appearance.

You can wear a silk scarf in several different ways. You can either drape it around your neck, or tie it around your hair to keep it intact, or even as a belt around your waist. Alternatively, you can wrap around a large silk scarf around your shoulders like a shawl. However, the most preferred and common way of wearing a scarf is around the neck. You can do this in several innovative ways in order to improve its aesthetic appeal.

* The perfect way of wearing a silk scarf to the office is to tie it around the neck as a choker.
* Alternatively, a smaller "fashion statement" can also be used which can be pinned using a crystal brooch, clips, ring or scarf pin in order to secure the scarf in place.
* In case you do not have a scarf pin or brooch, then you can wear a long oblong scarf that is knotted at the front and allow it to hang down freely in the Grace Kelly style, especially during summer and spring time.

Silk scarves provide a great fashionable look... even for men. These scarves are a perfect match to any business attire.

* Many people prefer wearing a cashmere scarf during winters to keep warm. You can simply wrap it around your neck for extra warmth.
* You can also choose a knitted scarf for wrapping around your neck and pair it up with matching gloves to complement your looks further.
* Be very careful when you select which one to wear at your office. Be sure it doesn't contain any unnecessary frills or lace at the borders because these fringes tend to impart a very fancy and gaudy look. Instead, you must always look for plain edged scarves. In case you are using a knitted scarf, you can choose one that is tightly knitted for office wear.
* However, the color of the scarf must be of contrasting to the color of the attire worn, i.e. a light colored scarf with a dark colored attire and a dark scarf with a lighter colored attire. While wearing a scarf with a business coat, one should always try to match the scarf shade with that of the outer coat rather than with the shirt or other inner wear. Men should avoid wearing long silk scarves and heavily patterned scarves if they want to project a professional look.

Silk scarves are not a required accessory in the wardrobe of a man or women. However, when you see a silk scarf being worn in the office, it projects a very fashionable image and imparts a certain degree of elegance and warmth to their personality. Elegance at a very reasonable price...what could be better?

Meryl Rougeaux knows silk scarves! Finding the perfect silk scarf to have you looking great in the office is easy with the hundreds of available scarves and shawls at her website:!

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Friday, 5 September 2008

Silk Scarf Strangers

A smooth silk scarf was tied around both her wrists, not too tight but tight enough that she couldn't get free. Paul had tied that scarf to the bed head. She was naked, totally vulnerable to him. He had a smile on him like a Cheshire cat. He moved further down the bed and spread her legs as far as they would go and tied her ankles to the end corners of the bed with equally soft silk scarves.

He leant over the side of the bed and picked up a gorgeous fake fur pillow and placed it under her hips. Her pussy was open to the air, completely available to all. He lightly kissed her stomach, then the door bell rang. He got up to leave the room,

'Don't leave me' She exclaimed.

He turned back to her, 'stay and be patient for me'.

Like she had a choice!

He walked out of the room and left her, stretched and tied on the bed. The cool air from the open window rushed across her body, leaving a trail of goose bumps in its wake. Her nipples hardened from the rush. She tested the scarves to see if she could escape, but secretly she really hoped she couldn't. The anticipation of what was to come had her body in a quiver.

Her mind shifted back to where he had gone. Who could be here? Who had knocked on the door? Her curiosity was peaked. And what was taking so long. The longer she lay bound to the bed the more vulnerable and self conscious she became. Wishing she could reach something to cover her body. As she was straining against the scarves she heard footsteps coming down the hall, and it wasn't just one set of feet that she could hear.

What was he doing – why were they coming towards the room?

The door opened, he entered alone. He walked over to her, picked up another pillow from the floor and placed it under her hips. Her pussy was now even higher, completely vulnerable to all that walked into the room.

'Who is here?' she asked.

'Time will tell, believe me you will be enjoying every moment', he responded.

She watched him pull another scarf from his pocket, he leant over her face and placed it over her eyes. That would be the last thing she would see for the next hour or so.

"Come in now", she heard him call to the strangers outside the door. They walked in and she heard the familiar sound of clothes falling to the floor. She was feeling extremely nervous.

'She's divine!' spoke a male voice she didn't recognise.

'This is going to be lots of fun, where do we start'' spoke a female voice.

"Anywhere you like", Paul answered.

She heard the strangers approach the bed, her body tensed. Her nerves where on edge, she felt so out of control, she was scared – scared of how much she wanted this. She felt the bed sink as the strangers sat down on either side of her outstretched legs.

"Relax", Paul demanded of her.

Hands started running over her body. One set, which she knew from the softness was the females, had started at her ankles. It was the softest touch, light fingertips changing from one leg to the other running from her ankles up the inside of her thighs, stopping a couple of inches from her aching pussy.

The other set of hands were tracing down her arms, over her face and across her chest. He started caressing her stomach, moving down as low as he could without actually touching her where she needed him so.

The sensation of two sets of hands caressing her body was almost unbearable, and she knew it was going to get worse. Paul hadn't come over to her yet, she knew he was there enjoying watching every moment. She wanted him here as well, she needed the security of him close to her as she was enjoying all these erotic sensations.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" He asked, a moan escaped from her lips in response.

He walked over to her leant over the side of the bed and kissed Nikki's mouth passionately. Her whole body melted as she responded to him. Her arms struggled against the scarves as she ached to touch him.

"You want me?"

"Please" she begged. She felt him get off the bed, and undress.

The strangers were still discovering her body with their hands and still, to her disappointment avoiding her pussy and tits. These areas were swelling under the excitement, the heat was rising in her body, her pussy was swollen and moist. The need in her was mounting, the need to be fulfilled, pleasured.

Paul got back on to the bed and knelt beside her head, his cock brushing across her face. "Please", she begged, she hated to beg him for it, but she wanted him, needed him, too much. He had his cock in his hand and was teasing her lips with it. She tried to lift her head to take him, but he kept pulling away from her.

He wanted it but he did enjoy the tease. He loved to hear Nikki beg for his cock. For a girl to want to give head as much he wanted to receive it made him weak to the knees. The knowledge that his cock in her mouth was what she craved, even when she couldn't see him, turned him on more than he imagined it could. And what she could do to him with her mouth was incredible.

All these thoughts were racing as he continued to tease, he could take no more. He lowered his cock into her mouth, she took it all in hungrily. He kept still, while she played with him using her lips, teeth and tongue. The strangers took lead from her, and started using their mouths too.

They retraced the path their hands took with their mouths. Her body jumped struggling against the restraints. The assault on her body was incredible. Nikki continued to play with him with her mouth. Biting, licking, sucking, he was moaning in pleasure. She was getting totally lost him when she felt a tongue moving up the inside of her thighs and stopping at the entrance of her pussy lightly teasing. Another mouth had taken possession of her tits and was gently licking and biting her nipples.

She would never have thought that her body could feel so much pleasure at once. Her nerves were all standing on edge. She wanted to be released but at the same time wanting the feeling to last forever.

His hips started moving against her, his balls tightened, the feeling of her mouth on him was exquisite, he had to place one hand on the wall to stop himself from falling. His body was weakening under the pressure of her tongue on the head of his cock. Her teeth moved along the shaft, almost hurting him. Paul had fantasized about sharing her, he knew she would get off on this as much as him. She was highly sexed, his equal in the bedroom.

The tongue on her pussy was increasing the pressure. This stranger had a great way with her mouth and had now also pushed their fingers deep inside her. Her body was on fire, the heat was increasing she wanted to climax. There was pain shooting through her tits from the biting, it was incredible. Her ache was building this is what she wanted, the overwhelming feeling of euphoria, nothing else mattered except the pleasure she was receiving and giving.

Her body started to buck involuntarily, the restraints felt tight, she wished she could move. But the feeling of not being able to intensified the beginning of her orgasm. As it started to roll through her body to her clit, his hips jolted and he came in her mouth. She moaned as the taste of him ran down the back of her throat. Then her body exploded, her orgasm was amazing. She screamed as it ripped through her. It seemed to come out of every part of her body.

After she came everyone moved off the bed, leaving her there. Nikki heard whispering and movement around her. Then someone climbed back on. They were sitting very close to her face, it was the male stranger, she wished she knew his name, or maybe the anonymity was part of the turn on. He started stroking her face, she moved towards his hand. Her skin was extremely sensitive. He leant down and kissed her, his mouth enveloped her.

They kissed for what seemed like forever, when she felt Paul and the female stranger get back on the bed. They were sitting beside her on the opposite side to male stranger. Through the movement on the bed she could feel that they were discovering each other. An odd sensation flooded through her – it was strange knowing he was getting pleasure else where, it made her slightly uncomfortable. But here she was enjoying the same thing.

Paul was feeling amazing – the smell of sex had filled the air, the want in the room was overwhelming. He had only met this couple by chance and can't remember how the conversation went where it did, how we all ended here together. This was something they always wanted and since the opportunity arose he took it. Knowing Nikki would enjoy it as much as he, which would only amplify the experience for him.

He climbed between Nikki's legs, and positioned himself on his side with his head level with her pussy. With the pillows still under her hips he could easily see how turned on she was, she was a vision. He lightly circled her clit with his tongue, he loved to tease her like this. As he was enjoying the tease the female stranger leant over her to take him deeply in her mouth. At that moment he thrust his fingers deep inside Nikki, she tried to move but he had placed his hands firmly on her hips to restrict all her movement.

Nikki was still enjoying the cock in her mouth. She was sucking on him, using her tongue along the underside of his shaft at same time. The stranger was groaning out loud. He now moved so he was kneeling over her, one leg on either side of her head. He removed his cock from her mouth and pushed his hips out so his balls were at Nikki's mouth. She was gently licking and sucking them, she could feel them tighten under her mouth. He placed his cock back at her mouth and she went back to working him.

The pleasure she was feeling from taking this stranger into her mouth at the same time Paul was working his magic on her pussy was exquisite. And she knew by the moans that were escaping Paul's lips that he was receiving pleasure as well. All the pleasure he was receiving he was giving to her. His tongue moving over her, his teeth gently biting her clit, his fingers deep inside stimulating her g spot. The moment was beyond anything she could imagine.

All of a sudden Paul moved himself off her. The female stranger was pushed away. He knelt between Nikki's legs and plunged deep into her, like a hot knife into butter. It was swift and precise. She had to stop herself from biting down on the delicious cock in her mouth. Paul took her possessively and in complete control. The stranger had moved and was now lying beside her on the bed.

Paul was enjoying Nikki, she was so hot and wet. His cock was aching. Beside him he watched the other couple. She wanted Nikki to see too, he leant over and removed her blindfold. The daylight left her blinded for a moment. She looked at Paul and smiled. She loved looking at him, he looked relaxed and free. She turned her head as the female stranger slowly impaled herself on her partner's hard cock. They were a good looking couple, who obviously looked after themselves.

It was a strange experience watching this couple have sex beside her while Paul was slowly thrusting in and out of her. Nikki looked back at Paul, 'please untie me', she begged, 'I want to feel you, touch your body with my hands, wrap my legs around you, please'. Paul looked down at her, how could he resist the thought of her hands over his body. His fantasies were full of her body wrapped around his. He leant over her and untied her wrists. As she was rubbing them he turned and undid her ankles.

She was free. As free as the other couple looked getting lost in each others bliss. They were acting as if they were the other couple in the room. Paul got up and took Nikki's space. It was her turn to be on top. He wanted to watch her as she took his cock deeply into her pussy. The look on her face was priceless. Paul placed his hands behind his head and just watched her move herself on top of him. Her tits moved to her rhythm, her body quivered, her pace quickened. He grabbed her hips and took control, moved her hips in time with his. He pulled her down so he was in her deep and hard.

The other couple had moved off the bed. She couldn't see them but could hear them moaning in pleasure. Their sound only added to their experience.

Paul took hold of her waist and lifted her off him. He turned her over, positioned himself behind her and plunged deep inside her, they came together almost at once. He continued to move inside her knowing she had more in her. Paul placed his hand between her legs and played with her clit. She bucked against him and her orgasms continued to roll out her body. The ache between her legs was subsiding and he kept his cock deep inside her till she finished.

As he rolled off her, she heard the other couple sigh in pleasure, both couples oblivious to the other as they enjoyed themselves and each other. She felt satiated, he looked completely satisfied. All tension was released from their bodies as they once again escaped their realities and let themselves give in to their fantasies. And today was a fantasy come true.

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