Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Men in scarves are sexy

Here's the truth: Men look sexy in knitwear. Whether it's a paper-thin cashmere sweater or a textured wool pullover, there is something about seeing the masculine form swathed in cozy yarn that is irresistible. I even like the male turtleneck, although my husband insists there is nothing worse. It comes as no surprise, then, that I was thrilled to see scarves playing a central role in couture menswear collections for winter 2008.

The new way to wear your scarf (men, listen up -- you'll be ahead of the game!) is to "fling" it around your neck and shoulders haphazardly, rather than knotting or tying the scarf, as has been popular in the past. Knowing men, I would venture a guess that the fling has been popularized more out of function than fashion, but you never know. At any rate, scarves are being shown with everything, from the classic blazer/trousers combo to full three-piece suits. Always dangling loosely around the shoulders, the scarf looks like it will be making a play as the men's accessory for 2009.

Conclusion : Men Is Sexy And Cool Wearing Silk Scarf or Scarves
Posted Jan 29th 2007 at 5:05PM by Elise Carter

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Silk Scarf Bondage Story

She was beautiful. It was almost a shame to cover her deep brown
eyes. I finished folding the last scarf, a plain black silk square
of almost three feet on a side, and placed it over her eyes.
Pressing my lips to hers, I wrapped the ends around the back of her
head, and pulled them tight, then tied them in a square knot.
Pulling back slightly, I looked at her face. Her lips were slightly
parted, as if she was trying to taste what was going to happen next.

I had laid out almost a dozen scarves on the bed. Many were of the
current fashionable type, thick soft silk printed with images of
equestrian scenes. Others, like the one which covered her eyes, were
a solid color.

She sat next to me, as I took one of her long, smooth arms, and held
it in front of my face. I planted several soft, long kisses on the
inside of her wrist and elbow. She let out a small breath every time
I touched her like that, so I continued to do so as I placed her
wrist across another folded scarf. I wrapped the silk binding around
her wrist twice, making sure to explore every crease and tendon in
her soft skin as I did so.

I made one knot, at the outside of her wrist, then passed the ends
of the scarf inside each other and knotted them again. This ensured
that the silken bonds would stay snug on her delicate wrists, but
not tighten from her struggles.

She put her other arm out, offering it to me to place in bondage. I
wrapped a scarf around it too, and secured it in the same way.

I helped her lie back on the bed, and spent several minutes just
running my fingers over my favorite parts of her body - her face,
down the center of her chest, along the insides of her legs..

I knew that she had spent most of the day on her feet, so I took the
opportunity to rub skin cream on each of her feet, massaging the
heel, in between each of her toes, her ankles, and the achilles
tendon. From the gentle cooing noises she made, I could tell that
she was enjoying it.

Two more bright, satiny print scarves went around her ankles. I
placed the knot at each on the outside of her ankle, where I thought
it might not press against her skin.

I gently arranged each of her limbs to be pointing towards the
corners of the bed. Earlier, I had taken four oblong scarves, and
attached one to each of the posts on our bed.

Holding her hand, I passed the end of one of the long scarves under
the one which was bound around her wrist, and knotted it firmly, so
that her arm was gently pulled away from her body. I moved down to
the leg on the same side, and bound it in a similar fashion. Her
other leg was soon bound, then I moved up to the last remaining limb
- her other arm.

I held onto her wrist, and put my head next to hers, and whispered
in her ear.

"I'm going to tie your hand now. Once I tie the knot, you're not
going to be able to get loose. Do you know that?"

"Yes," she whispered, flexing her muscles slightly, "Please.. tie me

I passed the scarf under the silken band on her wrist, and pulled it
snug, awar from her body. Slowly, I tied the final knot which
secured her.

"You're tied up now," I whispered to her, softly rubbing a finger
across her incredibly-hard nipples, "I can do anything I want to
you. You're going to stay right here until I let you loose."

She let out a slight gasp, and I could pick up a slight scent of her
womanhood. I cupped my hand over her pubic mound, not actually going
inside her, but just putting slight pressure on her soft skin. I
used my fingers to slowly part her lips, exposing her glistening
labia and clit. With my other hand, I took one finger, and placed it
directly on her clit, which she hadn't expected. She took a breath,
and pulled once at her bonds.

"How many orgasms do you think I can give you?" I asked her. I knew
the idea of being given repeated orgasms was one of her fantasies,
but she usually became very sensitive - almost ticklish - right
after orgasm, and usually needed a few minutes to recover.

"I d-don't know," she replied. I saw her fingers exploring the silk
restraints, wondering if she could free herself, and realizing that
her exposed clitoris could be teased as much as I felt like.

"I'd like to gag you", I told her.

She thought for a second, and asked if she had a choice.

"Of course you do. If you'd like, I won't gag you. I'll play with
your body, lick your pussy, and make love to you until we both fall
asleep. Or you can let me gag you. I'll place a pair of your own
panties in your mouth, and secure them with another scarf. It might
be a little uncomfortable, and you'll be able to taste your own
pussy juices. Then I'm going to masturbate you until you orgasm, but
I'm not going to stop. I'm going to keep masturbating you until I
don't think you can take any more."

"If you gag me, how am I going to tell you that I've had enough?"

"You're not going to be able to. I intend to drive you until you are
somewhere between laughter, tears, and passing out from pleasure.
But I won't hurt you. That I do promise you."

"Can you gag me with something besides my panties?"

"No, I don't think so. I want you to taste the sweetness of your own
juices while I tease you."

I could tell she was having a hard time making up her mind, so I
decided to further confuse her by gently massaging her clit, which I
expected to help ruin her judgement.

I put my lips against her ear, gently touching her earlobe, and
whispered "if you let me gag you, I'll let you tie me up and do the
same to me"

"Okay," she whispered, "you can gag me." She opened her mouth, and I
slid the folded silk panties into her mouth, over her tongue. I used
a knotted scarf to secure the underwear in her mouth, then a folded
scarf on top of that, muffling the few sounds that might escape the
mouth-filling gag.

I kissed her for several minutes, touching all the places that I
knew made her even hotter, then slowly climbed between her legs,
spreading her lips with my fingers, and touching my tongue to her

It took only a few minutes for her first orgasm to arrive, and
immediately after, she suddenly remembered how sensitive she is
after orgasm, and began pleading, screaming, threatening, and
whimpering through the gag.

I slid up to her head, while pressing my fingers into her clit, and
said "Sorry, honey. You're going to be here for a few hours".

Now I just have to hope she forgot that bit about her getting to tie
me up

Friday, 2 January 2009

I Found People Whos Looking For Partner on Silk Scarf Bondage, How Hard It Is!

Silk scarves bound for scarf lover

Can anyone tell me why it is so hard to find partners for silk
scarf bondage? I have been looking for years and have been
accepted into many couples lives as a third party for bondage
and fun with BDSM themes, and although nobody I've talked
to about it seems to see anything wrong with it, I just can't
seem to find anyone. I don't think It's me because of all
the other fun bondage experiences I've had with others
on repeated occasions. I do realise that you would have
to have a fondness for the feel of silk, But who doesn't?
Silk scarf bondage is something that is just not to popular
anywhere and the more I look for a partner the more I'm seeing
my favorite fetish go down the toilet. In forty yaers of
searching you'd think I could find at least one other person
who likes this as much as I do and would like to play.

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